The “Official” Law

The “Official” Law

Oftentimes when a person first hears of the non-aggression principle and the resulting voluntaryist society it would entail, they ask a question like,

“Who is going to write up the legal definitions and codes so as to clarify precisely what ‘aggression’ entails, and who is going to enforce those definitions and codes as sovereign over the population?”

But, this begs the question… which is, why on earth would you assume that somebody has to enforce them as sovereign over the population? Which population, exactly? How do we choose? Do we choose the population that lives from the Mississippi to the Atlantic? Or the Niagara to the Yucatan? Or the Mediterranean to the Baltic Sea? Where are these imaginary lines going to be drawn?

I’ve heard tell, actually, that there might already be people different than us! There are some rumors that the Continental United States does not encompass the entire universe, and that there’s a distant place called something like, “Aff-GANN-ee-STAND” or something, where one of the genders — can’t remember which one for sure, as I’ve caught only a whiff of it in the air many years ago — is not…*whispers* treated equally to the other… *whole room gasps*

And if this is true, what are we gonna do about it!? I wonder if anyone’s thought of imposing a set of laws or social contract upon them, or at least some kind of civil order… but then, what if they resist? We might have BOMBS and EXPLOSHUNZ! But we can’t have that… after all, The Road Warrior gave me nightmares. Better to pretend that anarchy doesn’t exist.

In short, how is it any less presumptuous to claim that we need a Universally Binding™ law code extending from Mayberry to Mount Pilot anymore than from New York to Beijing, or uniform law between Indian immigrants and African-Americans, anymore than between Swedes and Russians?

I mean, can’t we learn anything from third party arbitration, contract law, and casuistic tradition? Might I be able to choose my own dispute resolution agency, which has predetermined with your dispute resolution agency which private arbitration organization they will resort to in cases of disagreement? Or are we forever doomed to be shackled unto this burdensome, 1-Dimensional, archaic one-size-fits-all paradigm?

Good enough for the Bronze Age, good enough for me?

[image credits: adapted from Steam Punk Movies]

About Justin Fowler

Justin Fowler is a self-described voluntaryist market anarchist in Seattle, WA where he works for a data records company and is pursuing an associate's degree in web design. Justin developed his uniquely articulate voice through writing in expressing the inexpressible longing for human freedom over many years and many debates, and constantly seeks salvation from none other than the ever-present wielder of the Invisible Hand. More Posts

  • RA Jameson

    It seems to me that you are advocating Tribalism, and if so, I fully support your endeavor. I do find your initials question to be curious because I have never been asked that question, at least not quite the way that you posed it.

  • John Galt

    This doesn’t even answer the question you posed. Just a bunch of jumbled rhetoric.

    • Justin Fowler

      Sure I did. I just answered the question with a question. I overturned the underlying assumption in the leading question by demonstrating that such a state of affairs would be no different than what we humans have now. Next, I alluded to possible alternatives for law in the last paragraph, very briefly.

      • Daniel Baber

        Bring it!!! ;)


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