Back in February 2015, Obama actually said that the Muslim Clerical Elders are too boring to win against him in a propaganda war with extremism. (Elders Too Boring) He actually believes this, and this should come as no surprise. However, what most people do not realize is that every single American war since the 20th more »

Here are our two St. Patrick’s Day/Irish themed posts from last year, sorry we couldn’t crank anything new out: From yours, truly: Polycentrism/Anarchy in Ancient Ireland We had the honor of physicist, economist, and legal scholar David Friedman, son of the late Milton Friedman, commenting on this piece. He gently rebuffed Murray Rothbard on this matter. more »

Just for the laughs. Here are a few fun ones I generated: I will not stand for an America where fat cats and drug addicts can corrupt our glorious future. A paleocon, maybe? I will work for an America where smelly hippies and Exxon Mobil executives can’t undermine our free markets. And…a paleolibertarian? My supporters more »

A recent Bloomberg Editorial was promoted on the Bloomberg View Facebook page with the following statement: “India needs an organizing vision for the remaking of its economy.” Au Contraire! What India really needs, indeed what every society on this indebted and socialized planet earth needs, is precisely the opposite. For almost a century individuals throughout the globe more »

In this post, I’ll go back to something from my blogging roots: commenting on libertarian movement politics. It’s been too long. By libertarian movement politics, I do not mean how the Libertarian Party (which is arguably worthless and has been since the Rothbardian purge) relates to electoral politics in general, nor do I mean how the libertarian more »

February 12th is the birthday of Abraham Lincoln, the least favorite president of most libertarians. Many libertarians take the unpopular position that President Abraham Lincoln was not the good guy Great Emancipator that people make him out to be. This is absolutely true. Lincoln would be disliked by liberal democrats today if they knew what more »

The latest movie out of Hollywood, fighting the eternal war on fascism (as discussed in the last of Wood’s movie reviews), is the movie about Martin Luther King’s march from Selma (also the film’s title) to Montgomery, Alabama. It is about the three attempts of Martin Luther King to cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge, in more »

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