“As the world fell it was hard to know who was more crazy; me…or everyone else.” ~ Max, opening scene I had the pleasure of viewing Mad Max: Fury Road yesterday evening. Apart from me saying, right now, that it was the best movie (though it’s not for everyone) I’ve seen this year (apologies to my more »

In other articles the concept has been explored of how the left-wing screws around with economics and natural order to the point that they become the very thing they hate most. This essay is a mere subsidiary of a greater research project attempting to prove a hypothesis: that what is known as “Cultural Marxism” (which more »

Here are some recent additions to the main blogroll. Please check them out if you think they sound interesting. —Major Websites— Counter Current News Off the Grid News —WordPress.Com Hosted— Ancapistan Firebreathers —Other Great Blogs— Alex Merced David McElroy [image credits: my own creation using several different programs]

There are many facets of many discussions on many subjects out there, but I want to focus today on political/social preferences within libertarianism, which generally cut either right or left in the traditional spectrum. Is it better for individuals with these values to be consistent and principled or pragmatic and flexible? And why is this more »

Eileen Emily Hahn Eileen Emily Hahn passed away peacefully on April 14, 2015, surrounded by loving family at St. Vincent Healthcare in Billings. She was 82 years of age. She was a loving wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, aunt and great-aunt. Eileen was born in Bowman, N.D., to Hugh and Emily Vaughan on Dec. 3, 1932. more »

Our very own Robert McKeown (The Blue Collar Economist) was interviewed by Joe Cristiano of Liberty Talk Radio for yesterday’s program. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to link to (let alone embed) the specific audio on the hotel lobby computer I’m using, but for the moment it’s the top post on the Liberty Talk more »

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