Remember back in March when good old Jeffrey Tucker drew the analogy between libertarians who care about liberty for selfish reasons (albeit especially those going so far as to be deliberately inhumane or uncouth in their speech; in a word — mine and not Tucker’s — “assholes”) and Brutalist architecture (functional, but intentionally unattractive, so more »

Part of the ongoing project to reduce and reorganize this site’s categories. May 21, 2014: Additions to Blogroll: No. 7 by The Libertarian Liquidationist in Admin & Blog, Libertarian Blogging May 22, 2014: I Agree with Thomas Hobbes by Hank in History of Thought, Laissez-Faire & Interventionism, Quotes & Reprints, Utopianism, Welfare May 23, 2014: Rethinking Churchill (Part more »

Here’s Part Four (and the third I’ve helped edit) of the revised Do You Even Prax, Bro? from Jeff Peterson II and We the Individuals. Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc Excerpt: Austrian economics works on first principles, cause and effect. You give me statistics, and I can give one or more causal factors which would impact more »

Here is Part Three (edited by yours truly, as was Part Two) of the revised and serialized version of Jeff Peterson II’s article Do You Even Prax, Bro? on We the Individuals: People Aren’t Always Rational!?! Excerpt: We must also remember that if “rational” means “purposeful,” then we don’t need a new word, at least among more »

Here are some recent additions to the main blogroll. Please check them out if you think they sound interesting. —Major Websites— Bad Quaker Cointelegraph —WordPress.Com Hosted— Be Responsible — Be Free! James Radcliffe —Other Great Blogs— 412 Libertarian Contravex [image credits: my own creation using several different programs]

The debate over whether Bitcoin is a money or not has cooled down quite a bit. But it’s still worth understanding what all the fuss was about. To do that, we first need to understand what constitutes a money. Aristotle and Money’s History To begin, money is a medium of exchange and must be widely more »

You listening, NSA? Today is the thirteenth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks carried out by the Islamic terror organization Al-Qaeda. If you are like most and fit into one or both of two categories — Patriotic Americans & Americans who have eyes and ears — you don’t need to be reminded of this by more »

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