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Robert McKeown had written an article titled, “Creative Destruction, Technological Unemployment and Choice” about the social and economic rot that may occur in a post-technological society. I for many reasons neither believe in technological utopias nor technological dystopias. I believe that they are essentially an impossibility. The government’s already planning for a tech dystopia as more »

Here’s a post not even started until there evening of the 21st that I’m going to back date to the 20th, since nothing got published for that day until now. My hotel here in Carmel didn’t have free wifi (WHAT?) so it kind of screwed me over considering I had been planning on writing this more »

I may get back to regular “libertarian” blogging in a few days, but for now, I’ll share with you my destinations. Yesterday I drove from Lockwood, MT to Rothsay, MN. I kept driving through the night. Here are the towns I will have passed through/by today after Rothsay: in Minnesota (54): Elizabeth, Fergus Falls, Dalton, more »

I’m taking a very brief break from the normal fare here on the site. I’m on the road, heading to Carmel, Indiana (just north of Indianapolis) for a two-day training class. I will be gone for about a week but I may get back to regular blogging for the few days I am in Carmel. more »

Recently the American TV show host, Bill Maher, has finally and deservedly caught substantial flak for the intolerant collectivist attitude he displays on his show. I have found a critique and analysis by Murtaza Hussain in this vein particularly enjoyable and useful to read. It is only now, with his most recent collective condemnation of more »

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