Martin Luther King Day is one of the best holidays of the year for the various political squabbles that it causes. Unlike an ancient Pagan seasonal feast day or Christian church holiday, this is technically the only real American holiday because it was 100% invented by the US government. It is a 100% civil holiday, more »

We hear much about bloody events in Paris being an attack upon western traditions and freedom of the press, and I am sorry but such claims are close to laughable, even though there is nothing remotely funny about mass murder. It certainly is not part of the best western tradition to insult the revered figures more »

What ever happened to the Reform Party from the 1990s? The party ran Ross Perot for president in 1996, and has included other notable members such as Ralph Nader, Pat Buchanan, Jesse Ventura, and believe it or not, Donald Trump. The Reform Party was essentially a coalition of various interests, known as a big tent more »

Here are some recent additions to the main blogroll. Please check them out if you think they sound interesting. —Major Websites— Peace, Freedom, & Prosperity The Agitator   —WordPress.Com Hosted— Brian By Experience PapaLibertarian —Other Great Blogs— Henry Dampier — Quick Reactions Unqualified Reservations [image credits: my own creation using several different programs]

It’s day no. 365 on this blog, at least officially, and for the coming year there are a few things I want to change. Bring higher quality content to the readers (not to dismiss everything that his been published here, only some of my own posts that were hurriedly turned out at the end of more »

I began reading the book by John Perkins titled The Secret History of the American Empire. This author previously published Confessions Of An Economic Hitman a few years prior. Although The Secret History is interesting and Perkins does wield good prose, the author is appealing to the emotion of the reader as opposed to having any inkling of an understanding of the more »

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