Here is one I found at the same time as finds one and two. James Madison: Champion of Liberty and Justice John P. Kaminski © 2006; Parallel Press ISBN 1-893311-65-1 First Edition; Paperback; 110 pages Decent Condition; $1.59 From the preface: The American political system is a complex labyrinth that has survived for over 200 more »

You can watch these lectures live for the next seven days, or you can catch them later (should be uploaded within the week) on YouTube. The article, with information as well as links to the various live streaming YouTube videos. The schedule in online PDF format. A direct link to the first video (I more »

Here are some recent additions to the main blogroll. Please check them out if you think they sound interesting. —Major Websites— Films for Action —WordPress.Com Hosted— Concrete Bunker Watts Up With That? —Other Great Blogs— Libertarian Home Pragmatarianism [image credits: my own creation using several different programs]

Yesterday I shared with you two articles, one from George Geankoplis, and the other from Jeff Peterson (co-founder with Thomas Jay Michie of We The Individuals). Well, here is yet another article from Jeff, and like the one from yesterday, I’m proud to say I proofread it for him: Anarchism… Explain it to Me Like more »

There was a (fairly) recent spat over alleged bigotry in the “liberty movement.” Does it exist? Is it downplayed? Is it exaggerated? The key players this time around were George Geankoplis and Jeff Peterson II. George’s piece: Racists; The Real Heroes If there actually were that many bigots and people defending more than just their more »

I mentioned in an earlier post that there was a list of things that could be done to improve on this site. It is a mostly unwritten list, but it exists and here is one of the items: At the behest of co-blogger Marko Marjanovic (who blogs also at The Voluntaryist Reader and Crappy Town), more »

It was July 15th of last year that I purchased my domain/hosting package for wordpress from The site’s official launch was January 1st of this year, but I’ve it’s been up and running for longer than that. I picked the current basic theme (heavily modified since then) by July 18th, and got a test more »

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