This should have been published back in early September, but I’ve been busy. Here is a chart comparing this site’s stats from July and August. August was definitely not the greatest month for traffic. Next up are the most popular items from the last month and some that are still doing well from previous months. more »

Sorry, nothing much today (was busy traveling to and celebrating at my niece’s one-year birthday party, two days before the actual date). BUT. I do have a (hopefully) enjoyable post planned for tomorrow. If you’re wondering what I mean by “Advocating a Virtuous Voluntaryism” (see site’s tagline), be sure to stay tuned and give it more »

Here are some recent additions to the main blogroll. Please check them out if you think they sound interesting. —Major Websites— Economic Thought: A Heterodox Perspective The People’s Cube —WordPress.Com Hosted— A Fairly Liberal Blog Stop NATO…Opposition to global militarism —Other Great Blogs— Konrad S. Graf The Two Percenter [image credits: my own creation using more »

By all rights this should have been published back in early August, but I had a lot on my plate. So I’m behind on all my TLL in Review posts. Here is a chart comparing this site’s stats from June and July. July was (and still is) our third best month on record. Traffic was more »

I just read in a book that prior to the law changing in 2011, beer (or any beverage) with less than 10% alcohol was classified as a “food” in Russia and available 24/7. Then President (now Prime Minister) Dmitry Medvedev’s decree classifying it as an “alcohol” — making it available on only certain hours on more »

I liked the old look better, but this new version is apparently more mobile friendly and has improved features as well as a stronger focus on bringing more free content to the world. As LvMI President Jeff Deist says, “the real changes are ‘under the hood.’” I’m sure it’ll grow on me.

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